In our AMA session of Animverse x Onebit on Telegram platform in 26 December 2021, Animverse had gain a massive success, both in brand identity and in spreading the information about Animverse project to the communities.

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4 min readDec 28, 2021

✅ Representing Animverse tuned in AMA talk show was Mr. Trung Le, CMO of Animverse. With the help of Xenia and Halyth, from Onebit, the trio had created a vibrant and memorable event, comprehensive with lots of helpful detail information about Animverse as well as the route, roadmap and future plans.

At the start, Mr. Trung Le had introduced about Animverse game mode, to help clarify investors about how Animverse operate.

🎮 The game modes in Animverse are:

- Free-to-play: Players participate freely, no charge, cost needed and get a limited amount of reward.

- Play-to-earn: Players have chances to archive NFT items through the game, and can be traded on the marketplace or swap to $ANM token.

- Create-to-earn: Artists can contribute NFT artworks to marketplace, players will vote and make bid for the artworks. A percentage of the deal will be paid for Artists.

😉 After that were the introduction of Animverse’s Team and Partners.

- Pham Van Huy- CEO, founder of Koolab with years of experience about crypto and blockchain.

- Nguyen Giang Nam- CGO, financial specialist.

- Vu Dinh Tung- CPO, CEO of Miracle Studio with more than 10 years of experience in mobile game industry.

- Tran Van Hieu- CTO, ex-leader at Blockchain Miyatsu VietNam.

- Tran Tu Anh- Blockchain R&D Expert, expert in research and develop Blockchain supplies.

- Trung Le- CMO, Head Marketing Senior with numerous successed online games.

🤝About the Partners:

- Animverse had officially signed with:



o Clovers Ventures


o Xantus

o AVStar

o VBC Ventures

And we are having some ongoing deals with other VCs/Communities and big KOLs worldwide.

On top of that, Mr. Trung Le was no hesitated to proudly announce that Animverse Viet Nam & Global Communities had gone pass the 100k members milestone. And Animverse had a demo version received positive feedbacks from partners. According to plan, Animverse will organize events like AMA, whitelist with our partners before official IDO in mid-January 2022.

💦 The talk show got hotter and hotter when the community took part in. Dozens of high-quality question were asked. Animverse can only pick the best 5 questions were formed through the website to inform the communities.

- Animverse will launch on BSC platform with Launchpad like DareNFT, BSCS. Animverse will tune in first on mobile platform like Android and iOs, after that we will come to PC platform soon.

- Animverse’s short-term goals are aligned with the long-term goals. It’s the experience of the players that’s matter the most. We will try our best to complete and gave out to the communities the best version of Animverse.

- All characters in Animverse are exclusive re-design based on famous figures, there will be no violation about copyright. Besides that, Animverse will have some exclusive NFTs are designed from Japanese artists.

- Animverse were coordinate with partners to speard out the information about the project. After IDO in January 2022, Animverse will speed up the Marketing to gain more reputation and attract new investors and players.

- In near future, possibly Animverse will operate a cosplay events for fan-service. Stay tune.

🌈 Mr. Trung Le also picked 5 random questions from live audience.

- The stand out pros of Animverse are:

o We can attract lots of anime and manga fans.

o Through the games you can experience the childhood dreams, to become one of your favorite figures when you were a kid.

o Multi activities and variety modes for players to discover.

o Plenty of NFTs with unique styles.

o Have a hand-free auto mode.

- Before deciding to invest in Animverse or not, players can try out Animverse for free. And we recommend players to fully discover Animverse by:

o Purchase boxes when open for sale with a limited amount only.

o Trade NFT items on marketplace to expand the community.

- SEA marketplaces are the 1st region Animverse aim at when established connection with partners from the area.

- The project was named Animverse because it’s the combination of Anime and Universe, and in the future, it will be developed into a Metaverse, a virtual world for anime/manga fans.

- Animverse were, are and will continuously keep an eye to the crypto market. We are waiting for the right moment, a perfect signal to carry out the IDO. Because of that, the IDO will be decided at sometime in mid-January 2022.

🤑 Top 10 players with the best questions will receive gifts from Animverse team:

Reward: $20/ person

Receiving method: BEP-20 Wallet

🧧 Form:






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🧧 Live Q&A:

We always treasure the trust and support of our investors and partners. Hopefully we can happily ride along in this long road to the moon. Once again Animverse would like to thank you for your participation. Follow us to stay tuned for our upcoming events & roadmap.

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Animverse is a metaverse play-to-earn MMORPG game inspired by global phenomenon Animes/Mangas like Dragon Ball, Naruto, OnePiece.