The AMA is divided into three parts:

Part 1: Introduction & overview of the Animverse project

Part 2: Answer form questions

Part 3: Live questions from the community

Attending the AMA session were Animverse’s representative, Mr. Trung Le, CMO Animverse, and host Ms. Queen.

Part 1: Introduction & overview of the Animverse project

Mr. Trung began the AMA session by providing a broad overview of the Animverse project:

Animverse is a Horizontal Massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) inspired by the most well-known childhood Anime/Manga series such as DragonBall, Naruto, and One Piece. Animverse involves various modes for investors, players, and NFT designers.

These modes are:

- Free-to-play: you do not need an initial investment to play but still achieve a certain number of rewards.

- Play-to-earn: play and earn NFTs in-game, which can be traded on the Marketplace or exchange for $ANM

- Create-to-earn: designers can contribute their products to the Marketplace, the community will vote for the products to be sold, and designers will receive corresponding commissions.

After that, came the introduction of Animverse’s Team and Partners.

- Pham Van Huy- CEO, founder of Koolab with years of experience in crypto and blockchain.

- Nguyen Giang Nam- CGO, financial specialist.

- Vu Dinh Tung- CPO, CEO of Miracle Studio, with more than 10 years of experience in the mobile game industry.

- Tran Van Hieu- CTO, ex-leader at Blockchain Miyatsu Vietnam.

- Tran Tu Anh- Blockchain R&D Expert, expert in research and developing Blockchain supplies.

- Trung Le- CMO, Head Marketing Senior with numerous successful online games.

🤝About the Partners:

Animverse has officially signed with: ONEBIT, DARENFT, Clovers Ventures, BSCS, Xantus, AVStar, VBC Ventures, FA Capital…and is currently open to negotiate partnership with many VCs/Community/KOLs around the world.

Everyone can join the Animverse community to catch up with all the upcoming information. Roadmap is updated by the project at the website:

Part 2: Answer form questions

Many questions were sent to us, but we could only choose five of the best to ask Mr. Trung.

  • The game converges all fundamental features of RPG, including: PvE, PvP, Boss fight, Items obtaining and upgrading, Clan war, Planet vs. Planet
  • In Animverse, there are five types of NFTs: Head — Body Armor — Leg Armor — Wings — Mysterious NFTs, divided into two genders: Male — Female.
  • To own these NFTs, player can:

Buy the Mystery box (limited sale only)

Buy from other player on the Marketplace when game is released

Join in-game activities to obtain the NFTs

  • Game Inflation

Players will experience bunches of activities to burn Gold and NFTs such as: making a collection of the desired set of NFTs, possessing all the desired skill sets, investing in equipment to participate in PVP-PVE activities, and planet wars,…

  • The value of NFTs

NFTs generated are always consumed to ensure the balance of the market. Our mechanic circular involves: Investors or farmers mint NFTs => sell to players => players consume NFTs for PvE/PvP activities => consumable NFTs. In addition, Animverse’s Create-to-earn feature facilitates the community to decide whether new NFTs are sold in the game or not.

Part 3: Live questions from the community

  • The Ambassador program will be run in January, and the benefit depends on how the Ambassador contributes to the Animerse community.
  • Animverse is really easy to play, but hard to master because Animverse is a Role-Playing-Game. That means players need some skills to beat their opponents.
  • Animverse has officially confirmed with BSCS and DARENFT to be our Launchpad on IDO, and still working with more international launchpads to reach out more investors. The schedule will be confirmed on Animverse’s official media channel, in our pitchdeck, and roadmap.

🤑 Top 10 players with the best questions will receive gifts from Animverse team:

1. @phongb3o

2. @tuanphan1109

3. @andrewa

4. @youngboizindahood

5. @thanhnguynt

6. @nguyenthuy1034

7. @justineric99

8. @jamila_isaacson_1997

9. @anhdaikull

10. @SharanLindsey

Please DM @lily_ng93 to collect the prize!

✔️ The reward will be 20$ for each lucky person (will be awarded within 7 days)

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