What we aim for is an ecosystem with hundreds of thousands or even millions of users benefiting and monetizing it every day. The path for us to achieve this goal has become clearer since Xantus became Animverse’s strategic partner.

Xantus JSC is a blockchain company that owns a diverse blockchain ecosystem including NFT Games, De-fi projects, and Venture Capital. Xantus’s mission is to empower the mass adoption of blockchain technology and refine the freedom of blockchain life with trust, companionship, and growth.

Xantus has been with Animverse since the first days of the project as our strategic partner. Xantus blockchain industry experts have advised us in the long-term strategic decisions of the ecosystem. Together, we will conquer the dream of becoming the world’s leading blockchain NFT ecosystem.

About Animverse

💦 Animverse is a metaverse play-to-earn MMORPG game inspired by global phenomenon Animes/Mangas like Dragon Ball, Naruto, OnePiece. The game is based on Blockchain technology and NFTs, empowering the players, artists and creators to the next level of Role Playing Game.

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