💦Clovers Ventures was founded in 2020, exclusively focusing on Blockchain Infrastructure, NFT Market Place and DeFi Ecosystem. Clovers Ventures has leveraged and amplified its portfolio to help create a strong network of stakeholders who are actively involved in the blockchain industry, enabling them to give mutual support, exchange expertise and thrive along with each other.

As a key contributor in the Vietnam market, Clovers Ventures has been deeply involved in a number of top leading blockchain projects such as Thetan Arena, My Defi Pet, Injective Protocol, Occam Finance, Coin98, Dora Factory, Konomi Network and Ethernity Chain and now now it’s ANIMVERSE.

💦 Animverse is a metaverse play-to-earn MMORPG game inspired by global phenomenon Animes/Mangas like Dragon Ball, Naruto, OnePiece. The game is based on Blockchain technology and NFTs, empowering the players, artists and creators to the next level of Role Playing Game.

🚀We will work closely with Clovers Ventures to strengthen both our positions in the blockchain industry and bring value benefits for our communities.

Stay tuned for more partnerships and announcements in the coming weeks and months.

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